Verbal theasaurus

Posted on: April 22, 2010

Linking words together through the exploration of word association often seen in Wikipedia and search machines showing relevant and irrelevant definitions from previous words. Hopefully expresses the term information overload is dumb.

Brief look into face reading in criminology and discovered that half of what Lyle Miller found out about the generic features of a criminal, is also found in what people generally dub as dumb facial features: downward slanting eyes, low and straight brow, out angled ears.

Taken from Lyle Miller’s Mugshot results:

Eyes:                                  up angled                          down angled

25%                                     70%

Upper eye lid                   double eye lid                   single eye lid

94%                                     6%

Lower eye lid                   near to straight               curved

77%                                     22%

Eye brow                          angled                                 straight                            curved

30%                                     60%                                   9%

Nose padding                  small                                   big

74%                                     25%

Ears                                    out angled                         in angled

56%                                     38%

Lip proportions               full lower lip                      full upper lip    (some had both)

48%                                     62%

Chin shape                       angled                                 straight                           curved

17%                                      82%                                   0%

some mug shots here’s link:

Seeing as its easy to discriminate I thought directing towards animal faces as a pun if anyone gets it would be more appropriate, and would have more meaning to the sense of feeling dumb:

Kinetic type idea I did for the the previous project-starts with one word-few other correlated words added-more associated words to the correlations-build up a network of words that eventually has no relation to the first original word. What people can experience when their on the net searching for one topic and eventually find themselves completely removed from what they wanted to look for on the internet.


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