With consideration

Posted on: March 6, 2010

Talking to many people can clear up allot of floating ideas and theories that may or may not apply to your project. What I found out was that my initial idea HAD a topic to begin with, (slides ‘social networking’ into main bubble) but there was this fear of mentally visualising what I was going to produce and I wanted to try to look at elements I was interested in; inorder to pinpoint my theme (‘the theme’ which Ben pointed out at the beginning).

With all the different types of interaction designs I’ve looked into so far, and taking cost of making an installation, I doubt I can afford any screen based interface. I’ve noticed that some of the projects in the Decode and Kinetica exhibition were projection based; requires a dark room, and a way round shadow casting – projection from behind the screen). This would have to be relooked at a later time, when some test modules are carried out.

Looking at Cuelight by Obscura Digital reminded me of this:

So the steps are:

  • Visuals, plural or singular
  • Look at simple signifiers as part of the animation that reacts to the user/s.
  • What will the reaction be?
  • If so how many?
  • How does it react to one person, and more than two people?
  • How to program this.
  • Cost.
  • Test out in public?

This interaction is like a quick rpg, where the user is interacting with the visuals that appear on the projection, and they in turn react to the user. It would be a task to get the interface to recognise one user, and have a command list of reactions to certain actions performed by the user.  To branch from there, what happens when there’s more than one user? Variables in individual visuals (character)? Through this the user can prob identify characteristics of certain visuals and behave accordingly to either identify more or receive the same response as before.

I’m not sure if I can actually produce this. But there’s always a chance, and I want to do this.


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