Odd bits of interraction

Posted on: March 1, 2010

The world is my canvas.

Obscura Digital – Kodak CES

“The “Pipeline of Innovation”, a 24 foot long interactive surface with a 9 foot vertical “waterfall”, supports up to 16 simultaneous users and provides information about Kodak products and brand messaging in a fun and engaging way. High-resolution video plays on the background while animated disks, representing products, flow down its length. Visitors grab the disks and transform them into multipage books of visuals and information. In addition, environmental media, Microsoft Surface tables, and interactive touch kiosks were used to provide compelling ways to learn about Kodak.” – Obscura Digital

Touch screen orgie.

Obscura Digital – Cuelight (interactive display)

“CueLight projection system turns a game of pool into an amazing interactive art display.  Obscura’s projection, sensor and tracking system reveals images and animations that “follow” the movements of the pool balls as players hit them around the table.  You supply the pool table and we supply the system and customized content designed to create any type of experience you can imagine from relaxing to rockin’.” – Obscura Digital

Obscura Digital – Buck Institute Crystal Ball (video mapping)

“The curved surface representative of I.M. Pei’s work proved no challenge for Obscura’s team.  A 20 minute show outside kept guests mesmerized while Obscura’s multi-touch and holo-touch screens inside gave them the opportunity to learn more about the Buck Institute.” – Obscura Digital


Obscura Digital – iGoogle Fashion Week.

“Obscura created a mirrored cube display featuring iGoogle designer themes from the likes of Tory Burch, Mark Ecko, and Diane von Furstenberg.  The result was an ethereal environment where the themes appeared to come out of and be projected on thin air, moving around whoever was in the area.” – Obscura Digital

They have that in CSI! Check out Smart film. Started off with simple office block window screens, and animations:

To interactive screens:

(Please turn the sound down).

Obscura Digital – Adobe CS3 Wall

“Obscura created a large, viewer-activated and interactive video-display that “sensed” viewers’ movement in front of the wall.  Dazzling video images were projected in the shapes and at the speed of multi-viewers’ movements in front of the wall.  As bodies moved forward, backwards or even up and down, the video wall would respond, creating a truly dynamic and interactive experience.” – Obscura Digital

Equipment: Two 18,000 lumen Christie Digital HD projectors and the proprietary Obscura system powered the 25 by 12 foot surface.

Obsecura Digital – Saturn

“Saturn turned to Obscura to design a display at the world’s foremost technology forum that would not only be interactive, but informative.

Obscura utilized its proprietary vehicle projection systems to inform conference attendees about the technology behind Saturn’s new hybrid systems.

Also incorporated in the display were two life size hologram projected hosts.  These virtual hosts greeted guests as they arrived at the booth and gave them a tutorial on Saturn’s unique approach to building hybrid vehicles.

Obscura also developed a 45’ interactive 4,000 pixel video wall that allowed users to type in their thoughts about the hybrids and then use motion to trigger their text in the massive display.” – Obsecura Digital

Imagine if that was the anatomy of the body? I don’t even want to link that page ew!

Obscura Digital Technology:


  • Touch screen
  • Motion sensors
  • Gesture sensors
  • Facial recognition
  • 3D cameras
  • Location trackers
  • Multi-user interfaces


  • Augmented reality
  • Mobile applications
  • Real-time collaborations
  • Interactive 3d world
  • Immersive environments
  • Mapped video projection

Motion graphics created with programming

Even if these are linked with sound identification to produce abstract visuals, I thought it would be interesting to see if a screen or projection could follow passerby’s and also create staccato images according to the sound they make with their feet (or vibration whichever one is easier to pick up by machine).

Interesting development…looking back from what I learnt especially with adverts and web designs is designing an interface that is mentally ergonomic for the audience. This digital realms purpose is always giving, here the rules have changed where the machine has an A.I that’s created to be like a person, and there’s a shift in information exchange. Remembering the time igod and other basic text based A.I circulating on the internet (a medium where the creators could take data from peoples interactions/responses toward igod and further create a matrix of responses in reply; word recognition), this is a considerable leap in improving and refining that idea to apply it to games.

Fallon’s Alice Campaign for Syfy (tv show) Interesting use of numerous methods of interactive product placement.

Website use of pseudo sites that ultimately lead to Syfy website.

Totally awesome! Costly but so worth it. I would:

  1. Create a matrix face of fireflies to hover over people.
  2. Have face recognition cameras installed to read specific faces of people, which would cause the face to react.
  3. Have voice recognition and respond accordingly (shotgun mics needed).
  4. Program the fireflies to split into smaller groups and behave the same way.

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