FMP Proposal

Posted on: February 28, 2010


Under a social umbrella

Project Summary

With the popularity of social networking through electronic interfaces, the discovery of social analogue placement within an atomised society has led to creative innovation; through installations, sculptures, digital devices and other social interactions.
An exploration into developing an artefact that would encourage social interaction (possibly teamwork; knowledge based, physical, innate interpretation) in a fun and friendly presentation, which encourages the viewer to discover simple actions is rewarded by logical reactions by the artefact; based on what the human logic can understand without any intricate understanding into mechanics…impossible to attain?

Field of Study

Concise research into social networking; click links, behaviour, demographics, dominance theory, age, post industry, urbanisation.
Study into relationships with sculpture, perspectives, digital to analogue placements.
Analyses of practitioners on installations, sculptures, applications, web design, console designs.


Integrated into GDNM we have all learnt that psychology runs along side, intertwines and cross paths with the use of commercialism, and design. How we apply it relies on concept ideas, design, quality of platform, and its presentation.
This would be testing to see how I can attempt to take on key subjects of interest and purposely build on top, a design without any concept of an end product.


Documented research into social networking will inevitably lead to some psychology elements to be involved, which I hope would form a solid concept for the aims and goals of the piece. However the practical side of this project must out weight the theory, in order to materialise in time, efficiently and aesthetically.
The more practical side to this project for now would be to saturate my eyes into other designer works, which have created applications, installations, particularly ones who have looked at any people orientated interactions.

Skill evidence

• Minute study of psychology in self, and the mass.
• Look into sociology to see how groups work as a whole.
• Form some idea of a platform (interactive design) to know what technological skills I need.

Project of future ambitions

Personally I would like to see how abstract design can be used to interact with people who otherwise would not understand why it exists but gain a satisfactory feeling from their interaction no matter what level of involvement may take place.

Aram Bartholl

Project – Maps 2006-2009

Questions the red map markers pin pointing the location on the Google Maps; the red marker and information bubble remains on a  separate layer from the map, keeping its size when the map is zoomed in or out.

His purpose: Ripping off the digital realms solutions, and inserting them through physical platforms into the analogue world.

Communication through the keyboard = standardon the internet (instant messaging), own quality, culture, own humor.

Here’s a thought, what would happen if you were to put a group of people in a room and record their conversations, as if they were talking online, but verbally, maybe using their body language.

Actually thinking about it instant messaging like MSN lack most of the body’s sense i.e.: smell, sight, sound. There’s no indication of body language, and people talk when their concentrating on something else so the cover stations are at a glance only, not focused. Misinterpretations happen, its hard to know what the other person is really doing, so you’re relying on an illusion, representation or imaginary version of the person on the other end of the line assuming what they are responding to.

Though Skype at least illuminates some of these deductions, and mainly make people dedicate time to the other person.

Imagine saying lol, or brb, or text talk?


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